Old Fashioned Farmstead Bakery

Fresh Homemade Bread

No preservatives, no dough conditioners, no additives or artificial flavors—it’s a bakery the way great grandmother used to do it. Our bakery items are made from scratch in small batches, hand crafted with love right here on our farm. Come on down and discover our European-crust artisan breads and delicious treats.

Einkorn: The Ancient Wheat

Inspired by the bestseller Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, we have been expanding our options to include bakery goods made with einkorn, the world oldest wheat. Modern hybridized wheat has 42 chromosomes that work to code an array of glutens (hence playing into the 400% increase in gluten intolerance in the last 50 years). Einkorn has 14 chromosomes and therefore fewer glutens. While einkorn is still wheat and is not safe for people with true celiac disease, some of our clients who have reactions to modern wheat have been able to enjoy our einkorn products. Einkorn is also higher in protein and other important nutrients. Not every item in our bakery is made using einkorn, so please enquire when you stop in or pre-order breads, pastry, or other confectionary before you come.

Bakery Case

Custom Orders

Interested in ordering something special for an upcoming event or would like to have bakery goods that comply with special dietary restraints? We are happy to fill custom orders for everything from cakes to Christmas cookies, muffins to blueberry pie, or anything in between. We can even make a variety of products without gluten! Contact us for more information.