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Know Your Farmer, Love Your Food!

A beautiful summer day at Farmstead with our pollinator-friendly garden in full bloom.

Your Place to Connect with the Best of Local Foods

A founding part of our vision for Farmstead Creamery & Cafe was to create a space on the farm that was an interface between the working parts of the homestead and the public. We needed to protect the biosecurity and sanctity of the growing spaces and the need for respectful space and tranquility for the animals, while creating a welcoming and educational landing place for our friends of the farm. Transformed from a quiet, small hayfield on our property into a sanctuary for hummingbirds, butterflies, and foodies, Farmstead is one of those magical places that can only exist at the end of a country gravel road.

Our vision for the space also included being a local foods hub. Folks could literally spend all week driving around to find all the hidden gems of small-scale, sustainably minded growers and producers of the region–traveling over here for milk and eggs and over there for blueberries and yet over yonder for apples and honey. With over 20 years of farming experience in the region, we’ve come to know the who’s who of the growers community, with an understanding of which practices honor and regenerate the local ecosystems and which fall short. What if we could bring these all together in our own shop, so that once you made Farmstead your destination, you knew it was all good choices? Well, that’s what we did, and we continue to hone and add to our litany of delicious foods and products available through Farmstead. As one friend aptly stated, “I think I just arrived in food heaven!”

Our bakery has utilized 100% ancient grains since 2014, we are sensitive to dietary and food allergy needs, and one of our owners is an experienced family physician. Your health and wellness is our top priority, serving as the filter through which every food choice is measured–whether for our own farm’s practices or the producers we vet and carry. At Farmstead, it’s all about simple foods done well, with fresh, whole, clean ingredients. We really do live our mantra: Know Your Farmer, Love Your Food!

Inspire, Empower, Renew

Farmstead is about community and feeding the whole person–not just through the highest quality of local foods but also the elements of creativity and community. This has manifested over the years as a local artists gallery, outdoor summer concerts, open mic gatherings, Celtic music sessions, writer’s circles, Artist’s Way courses, fiber arts classes and retreats, cooking classes, and many more. In the face of the pandemic situation, we remain anticipatory and responsive with our offerings. This includes not gathering together in person at this time. We remain committed to our creative community and now have an online platform for bringing forward virtual farm tours and our Locally Grown Summer Music Series!

Farmstead’s new sheltered pre-order pickup station.

Staying Responsive in Changing Times

COVID-19 has brought many changes to everyday life, for you as well as Farmstead. We are not currently allowing the public into the building, instead relying on our new online store as the “shopping experience,” then bringing orders out to our friends of the farm for roadside pickup or along select delivery routes. We actively update and manage the online inventory every day. It is admittedly not the same experience as perusing our offerings over a steaming cup of full-immersion drip Fika coffee and a fresh muffin, but our commitment to protecting the health, safety, and wellness of our family and clients comes first. We are a lifeline to many of our immunocompromised and at-risk patrons, and we are keenly aware of the responsibilities (and necessary vigilance) that comes with being that rock in the storm.

Serving your health is our theme, as we continue to prioritize informed, safe COVID-19 practices.  While we certainly had folks who were disappointed or outraged by our protocol, there were so many of you whose thanks and appreciation kept us going.  We heard story after story about how much it meant to them to have a place to source foods that were safe, healthy, and trustworthy–not only for themselves but also for their at-risk loved ones.  Know that we continue these strict practices and that we are here for you through these difficult times!

The transition to having the e-store has made so much of this happen, and we have learned and tweaked along the way to craft an ever-improving user experience.  NEW (coming soon) is an updated date and time picker that will help make it easier to choose pickup times that work well with the farm’s schedule. 

We will be discontinuing having Sundays as a pickup option through the winter months.  Recently, during winter’s quieter times, we’ve been able to tag each other out for a much-deserved getaway.  This year, however, considering the pandemic and our dedication to keeping the farm and Farmstead a safe haven for growing and producing much-needed foods, such travels won’t be happening.  Taking Sundays for renewal time is critical for us to be able to maintain the tremendous effort to keep everything running, from all the hands-on farm-work to the many moving parts of Farmstead.  Sundays are typically quiet in the winter, and we thank you for your flexibility in helping us carve out this much-needed time.

Scheduling your pickup time with your order will be critical to helping us balance being at Farmstead and taking care of work on the farm.  Instead of maintaining regular shop ours, this winter we’ll be using more of a by-appointment model.  We are very happy to help you with your order, but the more we can plan and coordinate together, the less stressful the process will be for everyone.  If you are not comfortable using the online platform or don’t have internet access when you’re up north, you are always welcome to call us at 715-462-3453

Please follow our Facebook page or join our Friends of the Farm newsletter for the latest updates from Farmstead.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this transitional time. Know that we care and that our hearts are with you all.

For good cheer, here are some favorite photos from Summer 2019 at Farmstead

Where is Farmstead?

11077N Fullington Road, Hayward, WI USA

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Team Farmstead

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