Muffet's Magic

Artisan Sheep Milk Soft Cheese from Farmstead Creamery


Creamy and dreamy, experience alone or use in mouth watering recipes.
Muffet's Magic now joins Farmstead Creamery's A2 compliant product offerings !
You already love our signature Sheep Milk Gelato, now get ready to be inspired by this limited offering !

North Star Homestead Farms LLC, home of Farmstead Creamery and Café is a Physician led, family owned and operated business in northern Wisconsin based on sustainable practices and dedicated to the vision of a Healthy Planet and all its Inhabitants. 

With over 1500 animals across 8 species, extensive gardens, an aquaponics greenhouse, online store, and licensed dairy/creamery, we provide high integrity foods, educational resources, and products to over 2000 people per month locally and an ever growing following in the greater community through virtual outreach and mentoring relationships.

Many of our clients have food allergies or sensitivities and rely on us to work with them to provide high integrity foods that they can trust. We have recently expanded on our experience crafting world class authentic Italian gelato made from sheep milk, which many of our cow milk intolerant clients can enjoy. We are now pleased to introduce Farmstead Creamery and Cafés latest offering: MUFFETS MAGIC sheep milk soft cheese.

Kara, our co-owner, shepherdess, chef, and cheesemaker has been working hard to develop a sheep milk-based cheese product that can be used in everyday eating/cooking as a nutritious, alternative ingredient for cow milk-based products. Her efforts were successful, and Muffet’s Magic was born!!

Muffet’s Magic, named after one of our flock’s foundation ewes, is an artisan soft cheese personally made by Kara in small batches in our on farm micro-dairy. Deliciously silky and rich with a smooth creamy texture, this wonderful A2 beta-casein cheese, made from sheep milk, is nutrient dense with elevated levels of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

For baking and cooking, Muffet’s Magic’s versatility shines! Many recipes can be adjusted to use this soft cheese where sour cream, buttermilk, yoghurt, cream cheese, milk, or cream is specified. Fresh on the table, Muffet’s Magic soft cheese can also be used in spreads, dips, salad dressings and in endless creative offerings.

Remember, Muffet’s Magic is a cheese! But not just any cheese! Because of the unique properties of sheep milk, it will support your immune system and provide essential nutrients while you enjoy it’s soft silky goodness.

The Sheep Milk Difference

With over 20 years of experience serving the community at large, all the milk for Muffet’s Magic comes from our flock of sustainably raised sheep and is processed on site to the highest standards.

Taste the Difference

Sheep milk has a light, smooth texture with a soft, slightly sweet flavor. Similar to cow milk but noticeably creamier, it also lacks the strong aroma and flavor typical of goat milk.

 Unique properties of sheep milk contribute to these qualities: smaller fat globules and twice the protein of cow milk add to the creaminess, and different free fatty acids than goat milk produces a softer, more pleasing flavor and aroma.

Feel the Difference

Many people who come to Farmstead Creamery and Café express concerns about intolerance to cow milk and are interested in healthier dairy products. After trying our offerings made from one of the most nutritious milks available, they are pleased to experience how easily sheep milk based products are digested.

 Lacking the A1 beta casein found in most cow milk that often results in abdominal discomfort, this naturally A2 protein milk
also contains smaller fat globules with short to medium chain fatty acids and lower amounts of lactose, which contribute to better digestibility.  Another benefit is that sheep milk has much lower amounts of alpha S-1 casein, the protein responsible for allergic sensitivity in young children


When compared to cow and goat milks, sheep milk is nutrient dense and naturally homogenized. With two times the amount of butterfat and protein, its nutritional value is exceptional and well suited for making cheese. Small fat globules containing short and medium chain fatty acids allow for a rapid energy supply due to preferential transfer of these fats through the digestive system.

The specific make-up of these fatty acids results in a lipolytic (weight loss) effect and decrease in total circulating cholesterol, especially LDL.  Higher levels of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E and the minerals Calcium,Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, Manganese, and Zinc add extra health benefits. The bioavailability of Calcium is improved due to its enhanced binding to the casein proteins prevalent in sheep milk. The bioactive peptides that result from the breakdown of these proteins exert specific biological activities including antihypertensive, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory effects. Also, sheep milk contains only A-2 beta casein with none of the A-1 protein found in most cow milk.  This is the component responsible for many of the digestive issues common to cow milk intolerant individuals. 

From all of us at North Star Homestead Farms working toward our vision of a healthy planet and all its inhabitants, we are committing to completely transitioning Farmstead to only A2 dairy products either crafted in our creamery right here on the farm from A2 milk from our flock of sheep or intently sourcing products from other quality, sustainable A2 dairies.  We hope you find this information beneficial to improving your Health Span.