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  • mauve superwash
    Alpaca, superwash wool, Organic cotton, and novelty fibers from this Minnesota company.
  • yarn
    From our happy sheep, spun at a woman-owned fiber mill in WI and hand dyed to our specifications. Perfect for you next project!
  • aran antique rose
    Aran Antique Rose Yarn
  • aran autumn
    Aran Autumn Yarn
  • aran black
    Aran Black Yarn
  • aran carmine
    Aran Carmine Yarn
  • aran celtic dream
    Aran Celtic Dream Yarn
  • aran chestnut
    Aran Chestnut Yarn
  • aran dewberry
    Aran Dewberry Yarn
  • aran jade dynasty
    Aran Jade Dynasty
  • aran lake country
    Aran Lake Country Yarn
  • aran light paprika
    Aran Light Paprika Yarn
  • aran marigold
    Aran Marigold Yarn
  • merlot yarn
    Aran Merlot