Sheepskin Throw, Small Curly


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Nothing says cozy quite like a full sheepskin on a bench, chair, bay window seat, or the floor next to your bed. With a luxurious, springy fleece from our sheep, you might as well cuddle up and disappear! This also makes a great gift item for warming a home.  Garment grade tanned to stay supple with its full fleece, this is sure to be a cuddle win-win.

Natural white.  46 inches at its longest point, 30 inches at its widest point.  The staple (length of the wool fiber) is 3 inches long at the center of the back.  Staple lengths vary, being longer at the “pants” and shorter near the neck.

Maintain fluffiness and comb out dirt with a burr brush (commonly available in the horse section of a fleet store).


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