Farmstead Cheese is on the Horizon

It's been one of Kara's dreams to make delicious, artisan sheep's milk cheeses, especially fresh and soft cheeses, from our milk.  On this journey of cheese, she's apprenticed at other sheep dairy farms, taken classes and workshops, toured dairies of all sizes, attended conferences, and made experimental batches.

Sheep's milk works wonderfully for cheese.  Because it is nutrient dense, more of the milk becomes cheese and there is significantly less whey generated in the cheesemaking process than when using cow's milk.  It also has completely different lactose chains, so folks who are sensitive to cow's milk can still enjoy it!

Cheesemaker's License Process in Wisconsin

Making cheese is highly regulated in the Dairy State.  Becoming a cheesemaker often takes three to five years and involves coursework, tests, and study under other licensed cheesemakers.  During this process, because we have a licensed dairy, experimental batches of cheese are possible, under the direction of another cheesemaker. 

So far, we have successfully produced ricotta, which now appears on our wood-fired pizzas!  More great cheeses to come, so stay tuned on our journey for the love of cheese!