Connecting with Community

In 2018, North Star Homestead Farms and Farmstead Creamery & Café, put over $250,000 back into the community, through local sourcing--from partner farms to local contractors, choosing to source from other area small businesses, and donations.  That's a powerful statement of our commitment to community!

We are also dedicated to building community around a holistic local foods scene, real wellness, creative expression, and empowered awareness.  It's a win for everyone that encourages reclaiming, regeneration, and renewal.

Choosing Local

Organic, cage free, humane, certified sustainable…the buzzwords go on and on, and it can be hard to know what's the right choice.  But when you choose local and build a relationship with a farmer, you can learn where her heart is, what her practices are, and if her methods and foods are right for you.  It's not about the packaging or the lingo--it's about real relationships.

Choosing local, your vote with your dollar makes a real, noticeable impact for a small-scale regional producer.  Your purchase literally says "yes, I appreciate your work, keep it up."  By supporting a local producer, you participate in keeping a dream alive and impacting the kinds of food options that will be available in the future.