Our Farmstead Creamery

In the old days, milk was picked up on small farms daily and taken to the local creamery to be bottled into milk or made into cheese. Now this system has become so consolidated that milk from thousands of cows might be comingled into the same gallon! What if you could get back to that old-fashioned goodness of knowing exactly where your food--and dairy--came from?

You can! Not only is our creamery small scale, it's mirco-sized. Being a farmstead creamery means we're using milk from our own farm to make delicious dairy products, including our beloved artisan gelato and soon cheese! Working with a maximum of 30 gallons of milk at a time, our batch processing methods means each step is worked by hand. Kara's dairying skills and rigorous training make it all happen, as she also tends our milking flock. Start to finish, the whole process from lambing to scooping the final product happens right here on the farm!

Dairy Sheep

You're milking what? Yes, we milk sheep! Worldwide, more sheep are milked than cows, and Wisconsin is one of the top three states in the US for sheep milk production. Slightly sweet in flavor and nutrient dense, sheep's milk is a wonderful partner for making dairy products. With a butterfat content of 6 to 8%, it's exactly what's needed for making gelato (no adding cream or milk solids, as in cow's milk gelato recipes). And because of its distinctly different lactose chain, people with a cow's milk sensitivity can still enjoy products made from sheep's milk!

Grass-Fed Difference

Our sheep are on pasture every day through the growing season, enjoying the fresh air and eating their most natural and favorite food—grass! Having our ewes on lush pasture not only makes them supremely content, but the benefits directly impact the virtues in their milk, through flavor, nutrition, and composition. Robust lambs, healthy fleeces, and vigorous, perky dispositions all show how doing what is right for the animals—and the land—is ultimately right for all of us. Effective pasturing takes time and skill, so enjoy the difference!