Our Sheep Dairy

Sheep have proved to be the perfect-sized livestock for our women-powered farming operation. Our sheep enjoy a grass-based diet that includes intensive rotational grazing. We also believe in following natural cycles and therefore lamb in March and April, which mirrors the habits of wild deer (a close relation to sheep). This choice allows lambs and ewes to enjoy grass during the peak of lactation and nutritional need.

We also value the importance of the ewe’s relationship with her lambs and keep them together for a great start before beginning milking. Ewes naturally stop producing milk in the fall, so our dairy operates seasonally. Our dairy parlor is a newly remodeled space in our historic barn that once milked Jerseys in the 1920’s through the ‘40’s. The farming heritage continues!

Building Good Genetics

Traditionally, the breeds of sheep used for dairy production (East Fresian and Lacone) come from Germany and France. Harsher winters in the Northwoods can be difficult for these touchy breeds. For over a decade, Kara has implemented a breeding program designed to value easy births, good mothering instinct, and a nice carcass yield just as much as milkability. This program involves a variety of breeds, including Dorset, Clun Forest, and Finn, as well as the leading dairy breeds.