The Story Behind Your Gelato

Our gelato is a full farm-to-table experience. Made with milk from our sheep, it is processed right here in our on-farm dairy plant! This unique micro-sized dairy plant is the culmination of Kara’s eight-year dream to make value-added product from her own milk.

With training in ice-cream production from the Babcock Institute in Madison, WI, Kara capstoned her studies by attending intensive training at the Gelato and Pastry Institute of America (located on Long Island, NY), which flew in master Italian gelato makers. During this course, Kara developed her unique recipe using whole sheep’s milk.

MicroDairy Designs

Small dairying is catching on in Wisconsin, but it isn’t easy finding appropriately sized equipment. That is why we were excited to discover Frank and Mary Kipe of Maryland who own MicroDairy Designs LLC. Our dairy plant (housed inside Farmstead Creamery & Café) was the first Wisconsin installation of their pasteurization and chill-tank system. An integral part of our gelato-making process, this same system could also be used for cheese making, yogurt, or processing and bottling fluid milk.