Great Gelato Starts with Real Ingredients

In keeping with our farm-to-table ethic, both our gelato production and choice in flavors is seasonal. Making our beloved raspberry fudge swirl involved crushing whole, fresh fruit, as well as making fudge sauce that starts with cocoa and butter on the stovetop. We even make our caramel from scratch!

A Palate of Delicious Flavors

Raspberry Fudge Strawberry Rhubarb
Vanilla Caramel Cocoa Almond Caramel
Strawberry Coconut Blackberry Coconut
Peanut Butter Fudge Cashew Turtle
Peppermint Chip Chocolate Hazelnut
Double Trouble (Chocolate Fudge) Cookies and Cream
Spiced Chai Blueberry Lavender
Peaches and Cream Cranberry Apple Pie
Almond Fudge Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Dipped Cherry Triple Berry

Gelato in Winter

Even when it's cold outside, sometimes you just really want a good scoop of gelato!  Fear not, even when business is too slow to keep fresh pans for scooping in the display case, we always have pints of our gelato ready to go in a variety of flavors.  Stop by Farmstead to check out the latest selection!