Gelato: Gourmet Italian Ice-Cream

Since ancient times, finding a way to freeze fruits or dairy into a delicious, spoonable mixture has been a delight. Authentic, Italian gelato is often a high point in traveler’s memories. Now you can create those memories right here in the Northwoods! Join us for a wholesome, delicious treat made from scratch with our milk and half the butterfat of traditional American ice-cream.

Our artisan gelato is characterized by starting with whole ingredients (milk, sugar, fresh fruits, real peanut butter, cocoa, real vanilla, and more), freezing in small batches (one pan’s worth at a time), and serving it fresh. With less butterfat to coat your tongue and because gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice-cream, you can discover the bountiful richness of flavor in each little spoonful.

Currently, our gelato is served at our farm store—Farmstead Creamery & Café—but you can also special order pans of gelato for your event.  Contact us to learn more about ordering gelato by the pan.

Taste the Difference

Kara studied at the Gelato and Pastry Institute on Long Island in New York to learn how to craft artisan gelato from scratch (instead of using a mix, as is common at many establishments in America).  She also wanted to learn how to make gelato using only sheep's milk.

Her Italian instructor clapped his hands in enthusiasm and went to work, crafting a unique recipe just for her.  And you can taste the difference!  Sheep's milk is creamy, a little sweet, and higher in calcium, protein, and vitamin D than cow's milk.  It also has completely different lactose chains, so it's enjoyable for folks who cannot tolerate cow's milk.  Irresistibly creamy and smooth, our gelato is the crown jewel of the Farmstead experience.