A Century of Homesteading Traditions

North Star Homestead Farm History

After the lumberjacks had cleared the Northwoods of the great white pines, much of the land was sold into agriculture as “cutover farms.” Laborious stump pulling was braved by an elderly Civil War veteran and his 20-year-old son. These stalwart Fullingtons carved a homestead amidst the regenerating forest and raised the barn in 1919. Just like today, the original homestead was diverse, with chickens, pigs, milk cows, and horses. Potatoes were among the favored crops in the sandy soil, which augmented a large garden. By the late 1960's, most of the family had moved into occupations in town, and the farm was sold to the Steidingers. As a family retreat, improvements and additions began, but the real work of transforming the homestead back to a working farm commenced in 2000, when the grandchildren of the new owners decided to set roots in the land and dedicate themselves to the preservation of this historic treasure.

North Star Barn Quilt


An emerging tradition that celebrates women in agriculture, barn quilts are a partnering of aesthetic appreciation and pride in our historic barn structures. A full family project, our barn quilt is modeled after the North Star Block, which was believed to have been used during the Underground Railroad to denote a safe house. For us, North Star Homestead Farms, LLC represents a safe haven for plants, animals, the land, and the people who are part of this farm's enduring story.