Northland College

Supporting Northland's "Buy Local" Program

While the summer season keeps up with our farm's production, winter can be agonizingly slow. But things don't slow down in the greenhouse! Our tilapia fish keep the plants growing strong all-year. That's why we've become a major supplier of fresh salad greens (and some eggs from our hens) to Northland College's cafeteria. 

With aspirations to source 80% of their foods locally by 2020, Northland College is dedicated to making their food dollars count in Wisconsin's Northland. Once a month, November through April, we make deliveries to their campus. This helps us move product during slow months and helps their students, faculty, and staff eat healthy, incredibly fresh greens during months of the year that are too cold for their closer-to-home producers.

The Aquaponics Advantage

The ability to grow foods out of season is definitely one of the great perks of aquaponics, but this soilless method also has other benefits.  Because the plants are grown in water inside the greenhouse, there is no dirt or dust to have to wash off the leaves.  The ability to keep out common pests like slugs or flea beetles also means the produce is incredibly clean and ready-to-eat.

Fish are cold blooded and cannot harbor pathogens that harm humans that can be born in soil and a problem in uncooked foods, so aquaponics greens are biosecure when raised in a clean facility and don't need to be washed!  That makes life much easier in the prep kitchen and salads safer for students.