Meet The Owners

Laura at Farmer's Market Laura Berlage

With an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College, Laura's love for the land is also infused with her love of creative expression--from music to textiles, storytelling to costumery.  A poultry fancier, a teacher, and our in-house promotions specialist, Laura brings a unique z-axis perspective to the farm's endeavors, weaving in the creative community. Laura is also a professional artist and musician. Learn more by exploring Erindale Tapestry Studio and her Facebook Page.

Kara Berlage

With a BA in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture from Vermont College, Kara has spearheaded our rotational grazing and multi-speciation methods.  Her passion for dairying has also become the impetus for making gelato, and now cheese!  Kara's love for her animals, including our English Shepherd herding dogs, infuses the farm's vision with stewardship and husbandry.

A Family Team

Our agrarian adventure is supported by a dedicated, interdiciplinary, family of four that pushes the boundaries of the traditional image of "a family business."  Meet our full team!

Ann and Donkey Ann Berlage

As a practicing family physician for over 30 years, Ann's focus is now on engendering holistic wellness for family and community through nutrition, lifestyle and education.  Her background in chemistry has been invaluable for the aquaponics endeavor, her obstetrics training for the intensity of lambing, and her passion for impacting positive change has been a huge inspiration not only to her daughters but also toward endeavors yet to come.

Steve Barnes

With a diverse background from robotics and engineering to optics and IT, Steve is eagerly soaking up the farmstead lifestyle and engaging in the interdisciplinary process.  With a passion for education and delivering a message of truth, Steve is a powerhouse for envisioning the next phase, emphasizing continuous improvement, and building solutions to ongoing problems.