Building a Local Foods Hub with a Network of Farms

While North Star Homestead Farms grows and raises a wide variety of produce, eggs, meats, and more, we knew that to truly become a local foods hub, we needed to find and network with other like-minded, small-scale growers and producers.  In this way, Farmstead serves as a filter, selecting the best growers to add to the team to create a well-rounded shopping experience filled with great choices. 

Our growing list of partner farms are all family-owned and run, artisan, small-scale, and dedicated to making the right choices for the land and future generations.  We encourage you to support them too, when shopping at Farmstead or on your travels!

Partner Farms, a Community of Growers

Our Current Partner Farms:

Basket Flats
Bayfield Apple Company
Bayfield Foods
Bodin Fisheries on Lake Superior
Castle Rock Creamery
Great Oak Farm
Happy Hollow Creamery
Hausers Superior Farm View
Highland Valley Farm
Holoubek Farms
James Lake Farm
Lone Elm Cheese
Nordic Creamery
Rocky Acres Angus
Saxon Creamery
Saxon Harbor Berry Farm
Shuman Cattle Company
Simple Gifts Salmon and Syrup
Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Co-op