Fresh Produce All Year

With three acres in production on the farm in vegetables, herbs, berries, and orchards, along with our aquaponics greenhouse, there's a wonderful bounty of classic and heirloom edibles to enjoy from the farm!  From apples to zucchini, frisee endive to succulent tomatoes, nothing says delicious like enjoying the bounty of the harvest direct from the hands that grew it.  Stop by Farmstead Creamery, visit us at the farmer market, sign up for CSA shares to get yours!

Pasture Raised Meats and Eggs

Our livestock enjoys our acres of pastures, rotational grazing in a symbiotic pattern that enhances the fertility of the land and the health and wellbeing of the animals.  Chicken, turkey, and duck eggs will impress you with their flavor and intense color, and our pastured poultry are a grilling and roasting favorite. Pasture-raised lambs and Kunekune pigs are available in pre-packaged cuts at Farmstead (see our Grassfed Meat List) or as whole animals, custom-cut to your specifications. For more info on whole hog/lamb orders, contact us
We're sure you'll taste the difference our biodynamic practices and loving care provides!

Aquaponics Fish - Tilapia !

While the aquaponics greenhouse is mostly productive in the plant department, tilapia fish are also an integral part of the system.  The nutrient-rich water they produce feeds the plants, who in turn filter the water, which is sent back to the fish all clean and healthy.  Before harvest, we move the tilapia into a "purge tank," where their temperature is gradually dropped to firm the meat and feed is withheld to clean out their intestines.  These fish really have it nice in our greenhouse and will blow away any commercial tilapia experience you've ever had.   Frozen fillets available at Farmstead, and you can contact us to learn about upcoming harvests for fresh, whole fish you can fix yourself!

Wool Fiber, Yarn, and Pelts

Our wonderful sheep not only provide us with delicious lamb and milk for our creamery, they also give us wool! We typically sheer 600 lbs. of fleece each spring, which is sent to Ewetopia Fiber Mill in LaFarge, WI.  Owned by Kathryn Ashley-White, her artisanal processing yields beautiful yarns and roving from our fiber, which we then carry right here at Farmstead! We also save some of our lamb and sheep pelts and take them to a small tannery in Duluth. Our lustrous, dense, and large shearling pelts (with its full wool coat attached) are a beautiful accent for your home. Stop by Farmstead to experience these tantalizing and cozy textures!  You can also access fibers and pelts via Kara's Etsy Shop