Meet Some of Our Dairy Ewes

Why We Chose Sheep

Smaller than cows, sheep are easier to handle on our woman-powered farm. Sheep are renowned for giving three gifts to people—meat, milk, and wool. Their lighter weight and smaller feet are kinder to soils, and their milk results in higher product yields.

The Story Behind Our First Sheep

Our flock began as two sheep—Sweet (a ewe) and Heart (a wether). Our first year lambing was quite an adventure, with triplets! Our fondest-remembered ewe was Edelweiss, whose mother rejected her. The perky little lamb lived in a cardboard box in our house. Her genetics served as the seed stock for a good portion of our current flock. Muffet and Tuffet (Dorset ewes) were also quite a pair with unique personalities and great mothering characteristics. Our closed flock has grown from these foundations.

Sheep for Fleece Too

Wool is an incredible and wonderful fiber that sheep naturally grow to stay warm.  But in the springtime, it's time for that heavy coat to come off!  We now send all of our fleeces to woman-owned woolen mills for processing into yarn and roving.  Lustrous, springy, and cozy, these yarns carry with them part of our farm's story too!

The "Lamb Cam" Barn Camera

During lambing season, we run cameras in the barn to watch the pregnant ewes in order not to miss a birth.  You can watch them too at  If you are watching from a smart phone, please load a flash player app first.  You can also watch our Facebook page for notifications on when to tune in for a lambing-in-process!