Sustainability and Land Ethic on our Farm

While we are mindful that sustainability is a journey, rather than a destination, this land ethic is part of our core values—from day-to-day practices to overarching goals for the future. Our compost-rich raised bed gardens are completely natural, tended by hand, and nurtured through symbiotic plant partnerings (known as multi-speciation) and intricate crop rotation patterns. Our stellar produce begins with healthy, vibrant soils, free of chemicals and excessive tillage.

Rotational Grazing

Embracing methods championed by Joel Salatin (which mimic the grazing patterns of wild foragers like bison), our rotational pasturing system utilizes each animal’s innate instincts in order to build soil and break up pest cycles, while offering our livestock healthy and natural lives. Our pigs are thoroughly delighted to help us reclaim garden space. Chickens follow the sheep, scratching and pecking—devouring insects and enjoying fresh pasture. Plus, studies show that hens on pasture lay eggs with greater levels of Omega 3!


In Northern Wisconsin, post-glacial soils are thin and fragile—making it even more imperative, as stewards of the land, to focus efforts towards greater sustainability. Embracing the principles of permaculture, with its self-nourishing cycles, makes our style of farming an environmental asset. Choosing to support your local farmer is an important commitment to the health and ecology of the region.