Opportunities to Experience the Farm as a Volunteer

Helping Hands

While we run our farm as a family endeavor, there are just some jobs on the farm that work better with more hands on deck.  These include large gardening or harvesting processes, butchering, haying, painting, deliveries, and other projects.  Volunteers over the years have leant their eagerness and skill while learning something hands-on at the farm as well.

Join Our Volunteer Team

If you are interested in volunteering at the farm, contact us to join our on-call team.  Please specify what types of projects would interest you and your preferred method of contact, and we'll add you to the list.  If we have a project coming up that would work best with volunteers, we'll give you a holler.  If you can join us, great!  If not, no pressure.  Farming projects are always in flux and often driven by weather conditions, so it's difficult to schedule them ahead of time.  Your potential availability is greatly appreciated!